Buy Your Spring Netball Skirt

Spring Netball Skirt

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Firstly, introduce the characteristics of spring netball skirt.

  1. Add side panel or no.

  2. Add number plate to the front of the skirt.

  3. Different necks are available, round neck or V neck.

Secondly, we accept designs by AI,CDR,PDF, PS, or ESD.

Thirdly, we provide color modes Hoy color/Pantone color/C,M,Y,K

Fourthly, what fabrics can be used for netball skirt?

#A- 145gms Coolmax. It’s 100% polyester lightweight, yet strong. It has a lighter weight        version of our PROwick moisture-management fabric that wicks the moisture off your body leaving you cool and dry. It’s also used for all sports where a lightweight breathable performance fabric is desired.

#O- 260gms Lycra. It’s polyester-nylon blend spandex, commonly known as “Lycra” with a strong elasticity. It’s used for side panel and collar of Amercian Football jerseys.

Either of them can be used as body fabric,  and #O is also a choice for side panel.

Hoy fabric

Fivethly, here’s the order process

Sixthly, we accept payment by the following methods

Seventhly, we cooperate with international express company DHL. It takes about 3-4 days to arrive at you.

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