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Sublimation America Football Jerseys Custom Design Uniform Supplier

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America Football jerseys, America Football wear, America Football shirts


  1. Different necks like straight V neck or heart-shaped V neck
    2. Long sleeve or short sleeve
  2. Short sleeve end with elastic, with big shoulder.
    4. Cut side, side panel with different fabrics.
    5. Side panel with mesh fabric , very breathable.

Sublimation America Football Jerseys styles

Sublimation America Football Jerseys size chart

1. USA sizes, Male size 2XS to 6XL,Female sizes from 2XS to 5XL
2. Custom sizes and templates

various fabric choices

  1. #K-Dazzle fabric.  It’s 100% polyester woven fabric and shinny,  primarily used in the shoulder/sleeves for America Football jerseys
  2. #O-260gms Lycra.  It’s polyester-nylon blend spandex, commonly known as “Lycra” with a strong elasticity. It’s used for side panel and collar of Amercia Football jerseys
  3. #R- Shiny Mesh. 100% polyester heavyweight 150 denier mesh. Shiny fabric used for all sports. Very breathable and comfortable in warm weather.

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